Things every freelancer should know!

If you are someone who loves to work on his own terms and conditions and don’t have enough resources for starting your own venture, most free minded people opt for freelancing. But getting long-term contracts time and again is a challenge faced by most in this competitive market. So here is what you should know to get hired and seen by companies easily. Read on!

Passé are the days when freelancers were approached only for one time projects. Today, companies are integrating freelancers into their core business strategies and while freelancing is one of the most sought after options today for employees, it is equally beneficial for companies too.

Some analysts have called this phase a ‘freelance revolution,’ where businesses have now expressed a growing preference on investing in freelance talent. In fact, a recent study shows that the so-called ‘freelance revolution’ is being pegged as the new driving force in the emerging freelance economy.

Here are the five most important features that companies and organizations look for in a freelancer:

  • Professionalism: As a freelancer you should aim to offer services that are as professional as any agency would offer. Because you should know that image is the king and everything that can be seen and is spoken about should also reflect in the service you offer.
  • High-valued services: Always bear in mind that you are being paid for your work and the company who has hired you will definitely expect full value in return of the money they will pay. Even if you are charging a higher cost make sure the company sees effective results in the services rendered. The key phrase here is that the service provided should be ‘worth the cost.’
  • Ease: Always remember that a company hires freelancers because they want to take a certain task out of their hands and into yours—making their operations easier. This is one feature that customers look for, ease and self-sufficiency. So make sure, you provide the needful.
  • Be reliable: Potential clients look towards forging long-term ties with their freelancers—and they can only do so if they deem the professional fully reliable with the work he delivers. To ensure this, freelancers should be able to meet the client’s set deadlines; follow their guidelines and communicate clearly, to name a few.
  • Provide Quality: The golden rule among freelancers is to turn in world-class high-quality services, as this keeps you ahead of other freelancers in the same industry you work in. Be the best at what you do and prove it every time you provide your services.

So getting work as a freelancer is not a task if you become a true professional in your trait and deliver the desired results while meeting the deadlines and other criteria’s your employer is looking in. And don’t forget to be open to feedback because that’s the key to outgrow the rest. Happy working!

September 1, 2017